When it comes to cleaning power and dependability Kirby vacuums can't be beat. It is not uncommon to see 30 plus year old Kirby vacuum cleaners working perfectly. A leading consumer magazine ranked it the most dependable vacuum cleaner. They are made in the USA and all of our Kirbys come with a 5-year motor warranty through us. While most other vacuums simply clean the surface of the carpet the Kirby vacuum is designed to be a deep cleaner. It actually seals down onto the carpet (why they need to be self-propelled) and has the power to pull dirt from under the carpet. It has the suction tube in the middle of the head for consistent power all the way across the head. Because of this design we rank it as the number one vacuum for picking up pet hair. Most other vacuum cleaners have the suction tube on one side of the head which leaves the other side of the head so it does not deep clean and pet hair wraps around the brushroll there. The Kirby Vacuum Cleaners fill tube also is nearly double the size of other vacuums. Which is nice because you don't have to worry about clogging. The Kirby has a tool for nearly every job and can even come with a carpet shampooer. We carry rebuilt refurbished Kirby vacuums at great pricing, and every one comes with our 5 year warranty.