The Kirby G4 was made around 1992 and the Kirby G5 was made around 1995.  Some people wonder why we don't sell those models anymore and in a nut shell its because for the same price you can buy a Kirby G6 which is a much newer (2002) and much better model (more power, better fan and better filtration) for the same price.   To see the Kirby G6 Vacuum CLICK HERE.

 The KIRBY G4 Vacuum Model was made in 1992 and has a plastic fan and micron filtration.   What does this mean to you?  Unlike other vacuums the Kirby vacuum actually has enough power to pick up a quarter which can then shatter the plastic fan.   This is why on the G5 & G6 (and all the other recent models) they put a Kevlar fan in instead (can't break).   Also if you have allergies or don't enjoy dusting the G6 has HEPA filtration which is an improvement over the G5 and G4. 
The KIRBY G5 Vacuum model was made in 1998 and was an improvement over the G4 by having a Kevlar fan (unbreakable) but it still used Micron filtration.  It was not until the G6 that they added HEPA filtration.
The Kirby G6 Vacuum was not only made in 2002, has Kevlar fan AND HEPA Filtration but its also more powerful.   For the money its one of our most popular selling vacuums.  


So if you are really really wanting to buy an older Kirby for the same price as the newer better models then simply email us at and we will hook you up :)   We have a few Kirby G4 and G5 Kirby vacuums that we have rebuilt and have on the shelves for people that prefer them.   However, if you want the better G6 model (for the same price) then CLICK HERE.