Quiet Water Based Air Cleaner/Purifier, Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser

Quiet Water Based Air Cleaner/Purifier, Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser

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Clean your air with the power of water!   These compact water based air cleaners wash your air with water, add humidity to the air and when you order our 5 pack of fragrances/oils a few drops of that make your air smell great and can also do aroma therapy.    Got sick kids?  No problem run this in their room (humidifier) and add a few drops of Essential Oils (Eucalyptus works great).   Have a smelly pet in your house?  No problem add a few drops off smell good fragrances to your water and your home will smell great.    These are stand alone units (run by themselves) and can be plugged into any 110/120 volt US outlet.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

I add scented oil to the water and it freshens the air so well. I love this little machine.

New Comfort LED water purifier humidifier freshener night light largest Model

I recommend this air purifier/ humidifier to everybody. I had the previous model without the LED lights for nearly 9 yrs. when i saw a larger model with lights which can adjust to seven colors or be kept on any given color or no color at all, i had to have it. This air purifier is powerful, yet, quiet..cleans the air and humidifies it.. I always put a few drops of essential oil in mine and how nice the smell along with the lights, very relaxing. This model size covers my 20 x 20 family room. I purchased this quite earlier this year and the only time i shut it off is to empty and clean it. My smaller model New Comfort air purifier/ humidifier is still running now in my den and kitchen! Thank you New Comfort. You far surpass the rainbow air purifier, which i had for a year until it ceased working a yr later..and thats when i found New Comfort Air purifier/ humidifier.. now the largest one comes with optional lights and pretty much at the same price as their first model.This company makes the best one! It really does clean the air (you can see it in the water) and definitely humidifies!

This model works great

I love this unit it holds 1 quart of water will last up to 2 days running constantly.
It makes the air smell great without the use of harmful chemicals and the constant swirling of the water is hypnotizing. It also is very quiet.

Amazing system

I would recommend this to everyone. I have 1800 foot house with 12' ceilings and this amazing machine purifies the air in the entire house.

More Awesome than our older unit!!

Love the machine. We will always own a water vac with these allergies down south !!