You might notice that our Central Hose Kits are about half of what everyone else charges.   This is because we manufacturer them ourselves :)  In fact previous to the recession you had to buy the same hose kit that was made by your Central Vacuum Brand...and they were very expensive (like $500 plus just for the hose kit).  In the recession we decided we were going to invent the first Central Vacuum Hose that will fit ANY brand of Central Vacuum AND cut the cost in half.   Fast forward to today and we sell more Central Vacuum Hose kits that anyone else online.   Guaranteed to fit any Central Vacuum System AND 1/2 the cost...what's not to love :)

PRO TIP - There are 2 types of Central Vacuum Hose kits.   Turbo Air Driven and Electric Power Nozzle for Carpet.   If you have 100% Hardwood Surface Floors we suggest the less expensive Turbo Air Driven ones.   If you have Carpet in your home we suggest the Electric Power Nozzle ones as they deep clean MUCH better!