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GreatVacs Vacuums Value

387% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (Yep, no typo. We mean it)

Product Description


The ONLY cup in the world that claims to reduce the effects of hangovers by 67%.

Okay, it’s a ‘claim’ not a promise, but here’s why you should believe us…

You see, one of the chemicals in this magnificent Stainless Steel tumbler is “Bs7” which promotes iron connectivity when mixed with alcohol...

This reaction instantly reduces the feeling of being hungover by 67%.

The scientific name for this phenomenon is called, “WAKE-UP-AND-STOP- DREAMING”.

It’s a cup for goodness sake! However…

… It does have a Lid! Yep, a real vacuum sealed lid so you’ll spill less and drink more.


This cup doesn’t cost you money… it saves you money and helps put your kids through college.

… Here are the other amazing reasons why this cup belongs in your home:

Made from 100% Cup Material

Voted #1 Best Paper Weight when doing your tax returns.

Keeps cold drinks cool for 24-hours, or hot drink warm for 9-hours, thanks to the Double Wall Insulation & Vacuum Lid. Perfect for when you’re telling an amazing story.

Speaks back to you after 3 bottles of vodka and answers all your philosophical questions about life, like, “Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?”

Perfect target for Nerf-Gun competitions or one pin bowling

100% theft proof 72% of the time

Because it has a LID - No bugs or dust in your drink… and no more inventions in the world are needed.

Hand wash only - So avoid dishwashers. Oh, and monster trucks & volcanos (Don’t ask).

100% Stainless steel, so can drink when scuba diving

Guaranteed to float in space. Confirmed by NASA.

Attention magnet: Boost popularity by 76.4% and enjoy endless moments of being the centre of attention without even trying...

So what are you waiting for?

Go slap that “Add To Cart Button” already!

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