Prolux Wet Dry Loaded Series Garage Shop Vacuum, Shampooer, Sprayer and Blower

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Prolux Wet Dry Loaded Series Garage Shop Vacuum, Shampooer, Sprayer and Blower

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  • POWERFUL - The wall mountable Prolux Garage Vac uses a high power 12 amp motor that produces an amazing 162 cubic feet per minute of airflow (thats a lot of power). This garage vacuum makes quick work out of even the most strenuous cleaning tasks!
  • DURABLE - Heavy duty construction with superior HEPA filtration and wet/dry pick up ensures the longevity of this unit. Also includes durable wall mountable 30 foot crush proof hose tool bag to keep everything neat and organized. We are so confident in The Prolux Garage Vac that we offer a 3 Year Warranty on the unit.
  • BLOWER/INFLATOR - This vacuum easily turns into a inflator by just connecting the hose to the exhaust port. This works great for blowing dust and debris out of crevices using detailing tools. Also, the extremely convenient inflation tools make it a breeze to inflate anything! Quickly inflates balloons, air mattresses, above ground pools, kayaks, rafts etc...
  • TOOLS FOR ANY JOB - The Prolux Garage Vac Loades Series comes with a tool for any job! Extension wands, detailing and inflating tools, duster brush, upholstery tool and crevice for those hard to get corners. Also includes squeegee for wet pickup which comes in handy when snow melts off of the car in your garage, a combination floor tool that moves from hard surface to carpet by simply flipping the switch, hand held shampoo applier and extractor to detail your upholstery.
  • GV MINI TURBO HEAD - This tool is continually named as one the most convenient and high quality vacuum attachments on the market. The GV Mini Turbo Head comes with anti slip geared belt and spinning brushroll that can remove pet hair from any surface! Ideal for small spaces such as cars, couches and stairs.
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  • Prolux Wet Dry Garage Vacuum - This is the most versatile wall mounted Garage Shop Vacuum in the world.    This high end vacuum can vacuum up dirt, vacuum up water, vacuum up snow, blow, exhaust air, inflate, deflate, spray, wash, shampoo upholstery, squeegee hardfloor surfaces.
  • A tool for nearly every job- All the tools easily fit in the wall mounted tool caddy.   Floor Tool (can vacuum hard floor surfaces or can be switched to carpet), Floor Squeegee Tool (for vacuuming water and snow of floor surfaces), Upholstery Tool,  Standard Crevice Tool, Detailing Crevice Tool (extra long and extra skinny for getting in those hard to reach places like between seats in your car), Hand Held Sprayer / Shampooer (can be used to shampoo with, wash or wax the car with or spray), Shampooer Extraction Tool (when shampooing it sucks up dirty water it can also be used to vacuum up wet spills), 18 inch extension wands (quantity 2), and 3 different sized inflator / detailing tools (can be used to inflate air mattress's or used to detail your car in those hard to reach places).    The best thing about the tools is it comes with the popular mini head with spinning brushroll.   This popular tool can be used to vacuum upholstery or floor mats, stairs, couches, and works really good at vacuuming up pet hair.    Its spinning brush also makes it effective in scrubbing and sucking up dirty water when the vacuum is in shampoo mode. 
  • 32 foot hose-    Crush proof durable 32 foot wet dry hose can be used for nearly every job.    Long enough to reach even outside your garage.  
  • Bagless Wet Dry-   Has a clear indicator on the 5.88 gallon dirt reservoir so you know when to empty it.    Holds water dirt or any material.    When it becomes full of water the vacuum will automatically shut off to prevent damage to the vacuum.   Indicator light turns on when bucket needs dumped.
  • Powerful 1500 watt 12 amps of Suction -For straight suction most vacuum cleaners only have 9 amps of power.   The Prolux uses a power 12 amps of suction which produces an amazing 162 cubic feet per minute of airflow (thats a lot of power).   Not only is that great for vacuuming but makes quick work of blowing or inflating.  
  • In the United States the most power a vacuum cleaner can have is 12 amps. Rest assured that the Prolux Garage Vacuum is as powerful as you can get.
  • Washable HEPA Filter and Cloth filter can last the lifetime of the vacuum.   As your filters fill up with dirt simply wash them and reuse.
  • Durable - Dont let the low price fool you.    This is a high end vacuum appliance that will look great in any garage.    Its high end construction and durability allow it to be protected by the Prolux 3 year warranty (covers everything except filters and tools).  Shop with confidence as we are an authorized Prolux Dealer and warranty center.   
  • Specs - Unit Dimensions 12 x 13 x 31 inches, 12 amp motor, 162 CFM of power, 5.88 gallon dirt bucket, hose length is 32 feet, and 73 dB of sound produced.
  • Easy and simple to use - The Prolux Garage Vac is designed to easily be used.   It quickly mounts to the wall and your hose and tool caddy mount to the wall as well.    In easily installs to the wall for easy emptying of dirt.   No more searching for a vacuum or looking for a outlet.   The Prolux Garage Vacuum is the worlds most versatile high end Garage vacuum designed to make your life easy.
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