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Here at Great Vacs we are frequently asked about the age and model sequence of Electrolux vacuums. We decided to make this page just to answer those specific questions. We never know the exact year but this should help. Not all the newer Electrolux vacuums will be here, just the major models. This is not a technical or model specs page about Electrolux vacuums. To get that information, you will need to contact Aerus.

Disclaimer - Great Vacs is not in any way associated with, retained by, contracted with, or remunerated by the brands Aerus or Electrolux or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, or related companies, nor do we represent Aerus or Electrolux Company on any level. This has been gathered for informational purposes only. For official and technical information you will have to contact Aerus Electrolux. We have tried to make this as accurate as possible but do not guarantee it to be 100% accurate.

The data contained in this document represents our opinionated and one-sided perspectives only and must not be construed, interpreted, disseminated, or quoted as Aerus or Electrolux policy, philosophy, practices, regulations, guidelines, or opinions. If you have any knowledge or information you would like to share to improve this page, please email us at [email protected]

About the Electrolux Vacuum. We think Electrolux is a great vacuum and it has been a piece of American vacuum history. If I could describe the Electrolux in one word it would be "strong". It is not uncommon to see a 40-year old Electrolux still running perfectly. The term buy once and buy right would apply to an Electrolux in our opinion. My sister-in-law still uses her 1940 Electrolux (given to her by her grandmother) and it works fine. I have seen vacuum salesmen demonstrating how strong the Electrolux is by jumping on it with all their weight (don't try that at home). I must say that I think the Electrolux vacuum is one of the most convenient vacuums to vacuum with as well. Electrolux vacuums have been in existence for almost 100 years now. In this document, I am only going to mention the latest models. For all other models, you should be able to find information on the internet. We have listed the models below and by each model, you will see a year. This year represents the year we believe Electrolux started making that particular model.

IMPORTANT NOTE - We dont know the exact details of how "Electrolux" became "Aerus".   It can be confusing to customers who go to a big box store and see "Electrolux Vacuums" but those are not the same vacuums as the Electrolux vacuums talked about in this article.   We noticed about the time the Electrolux Guardian was out that the name started to switch from "Electrolux" over to "Aerus".   We are in no way affiliated or represent the brands "Electrolux" or "Aerus" (2 separate brands) and for further details, you should contact them directly.

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Electrolux Silverado Electrolux vacuum Silverado Canister Early to Mid 1980's This is the earliest of the models we sell. If you are looking for an older model, please let us know. We sometimes come across some of the older ones.


Electrolux Diamond Jubilee Electrolux vacuum Diamond Jubilee Canister Mid to Late 1980s


Electrolux Marguis Electrolux vacuum Marquis Canister Late 1980s
Electrolux Ultralux Electrolux vacuum Grand Marquis/Legacy/Ultralux Canister Late Late 1980s This was the last of the metal tank models (very good vacuum).
Electrolux Diplomat 2100 Electrolux vacuum Diplomat/2100 Canister 1989 to Early 1990s
Electrolux Epic 6500 Electrolux vacuum EPIC 6000/6500 Canister 1990s to Current. The reason I say the current is because I have seen some 6500s that are the blue and white color which is the same color and style as the Current model.
Electrolux Renaissance Electrolux vacuum Renaissance Canister Mid to late 1990s
Electrolux Guardian Electrolux vacuum Guardian Canister Late 1990s to Early 2000s
Aerus 9000 Aerus 9000 Canister Early 2000s to current. This was the first official model with the Aerus name change.
Electrolux Discovery 2 Discovery 2 Upright Mid 1980s
Electrolux Discovery 3 Discovery 3 Upright Late 1980s
Electrolux Advantage Genesis Discovery Advantage/Genesis Upright Late 1980s to early 1990s
Electrolux Epic LXE Genesis LXE/Epic 3500 Upright Early 1990s
Electrolux Epic 3500 Epic 3500 Upright (Gray)  The early to late 1990s
Aerus Lux 3000 4000 LUX 3000/4000 Upright (White/Blue) Early 2000 to Current
  I hope this was helpful to you in getting a general idea about the various ages of the Electrolux models. In my opinion, age is not a big factor in an Electrolux because they last for so long. What you need to look at is condition and how they have been treated. In my opinion, I would not be scared off by a 10 or 15 year Electrolux. If properly maintained, you probably have another 15 years of use left. You could go through 5 super store plastic vacuums in that amount of time. If you still have any questions, please don't be afraid to email us at [email protected] or checkout our vacuums on our site.

Recommendations- The older models were very popular (its crazy that a Vacuum company still makes a vacuum that is going strong after 40 years) but I would suggest staying with the newer models.   I suggest the colors of gray (mid 1990's), white, and white/blue models are all new enough and great vacuums and those are the ones I suggest.   As we have serviced, repaired and rebuilt thousands of Electrolux or Aerus Vacuums we have not noticed any problems and they are powerful dependable vacuums that you will love.   The only exception to that is the Electrolux Renaissance.   That was the 1st model that they put the switches to control the vacuum in the hose handle and they had some problems with that hose going out after awhile.   Other than that I would suggest any of the gray, white, or white/blue models.   I think for the money they are an excellent value.   I think if you get the models 6500, Guardian, 8000, 9000 canister models you are fine and the uprights I would go with the Gray Epic 3500 models and you would be fine.   If you want to buy a brand new Electrolux (now Aerus) product you will need to contact Aerus directly as that is the only way to buy new units.    If you want to save some money and buy reconditioned then you can shop at our store at the link below.   If you like the Upright models then in our store check out "Proteam Upright".   Those are made by a different vacuum company (Proteam) but the quality and power is just as good if not better.   Those we sell new but I have not been able to find another company in Canister Vacuums that make as good a quality of Canister Vacuums as Electrolux does. 

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Free Advice - If you are still confused as to the right model or vacuum for your family (everyone's needs differ) then please feel free to fill out the form below and tell us about your situation (like how much carpet, hardwood, allergies, pets, kids) and we would be glad to help you get a vacuum that would be perfect for you.

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