Reconditioned Diamond Kirby Vacuum Cleaner LOADED 2 speed New HEPA PET rebuilt

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Reconditioned Diamond Kirby Vacuum Cleaner LOADED 2 speed New HEPA PET rebuilt

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  • Professionally Refurbished Kirby Diamond G7d 2 speed motor Vacuum loaded with new tools, 30 day money back, 5 Year Warranty, and HEPA Filtration. Save hundreds over retatil. #1 one vacuum for dependability (lasts for decades), pet hair pickup, and deep cleaning carpet.
  • Tools include tool caddy, hose and all the standard Kirby tools (13 tools total). Also comes with 9 HEPA bags, 3 extra belts, mini turbo head (works great on couches, cars & pet hair) and manual.
  • Self Propelled Transmission - The Kirby vacuum is the only vacuum that literally seals to your carpet and is the best deep cleaner. However vacuuming is still so easy with the self propelled transmission where you can literally vacuum with one finger.
  • #1 Most Dependable Vacuum & Made in the USA - Consumer Reports ranked the Kirby vacuum the most dependable vacuum and it is common to see them running perfect for decades. Save money by buying once and buying right.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY - Even though this vacuum was lightly used and ran great we still rebuilt it to like new conditon so it qualifies for our 5 year warranty. Covers fan, motors, bearings and transmission.
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  • This is a professionally refurbished kirby Ultimate Diamond vacuum cleaner.  It comes loaded with 100% genuine Kirby tools, which include the upholstery tool, crack and crevice tool, duster brush, wall tool, floor tool, with two wands. It also includes the pet tool, inflator tool, handheld tool, handheld shampooer, blower, corner wand, hose and tool caddy .

  • This Kirby will also include, 2 bags, 3 belts, owners manual, and the popular Turbo brush which is great for vacuuming all different types of upholstery, stairs and car seats this is also great for picking up that hard to get pet hair!   This vacuum is totally loaded and in awesome condition and you wont find a better one online.
  • Kirby's are great because they have awesome cleaning power, filtration, and are very durable.

  • This will come exactly as pictured.

  • Those of you who have used an older Kirby know that they were heavy to use and did not have the best filtration. Please understand that this newer Kirby model (Diamond) has totally changed and is one of the easiest vacuums to vacuum with. It also has the best filtration that money can buy! So if you have allergies or asthma then this vacuum is for you.

  • Save over $1,000 by buying this item over new retail.

  • It is a pleasure to vacuum with, especially with its self propelled tech drive system that allows you to push it forward and reverse with only 2 lbs. of pressure.

  • This vacuum has had its outer cloth bag washed. Since on the Kirby vacuum the outer cloth bag is part of the filtration this is the only sanitary way to sell Kirbys. We would not buy a used Kirby unless the outer cloth bag has been washed in a washing machine like we do. It would be no different than vacuuming with a dirty bag in the vacuum. However we have cleaned and washed the bag and it is sanitary and clean. It also has a Micron filtration system (it filters better than most HEPA filtering systems) to insure that all of the dust and dirt stay in the bag and out of your breathing air. This vacuum will come with 2 brand new bags! One already installed.

  • The most versatile vacuum made. It can go from upright to canister to hand portable to blower to straight suction upright.

  • Excellent Deep Cleaner

  • This vacuum is designed to last for many years to come.

  • 5 year warranty through our shop. Which covers the motor, the fan, the Tech Drive, all moving internal parts, and all the bearings, even the brushroll bearings.

    We are in no way associated with the Kirby company. All refurbishment of this vacuum and its warranty has been done through GreatVacs and not the Kirby co. or its associates. Since none of the work refurbishing this vacuum has been done by the Kirby company this vacuum is not considered "Factory Rebuilt" or "Factory Refurbished". To purchase a "New" or "Rebuilt" or "Factory Rebuilt" or "Factory Refurbished" Kirby vacuum, please contact the Kirby Company. Some of the Attachments, Brushrolls, Belts, Tool Caddies, and Bags may be standard vacuum parts and not purchased from the Kirby company. All other parts used to recondition this vacuum by GreatVacs are Genuine Kirby Parts purchased from the Kirby company.

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