Premium Prolux Universal Central Vacuum Hose Kit With Wessel Werk Power Nozzle.

Premium Prolux Universal Central Vacuum Hose Kit With Wessel Werk Power Nozzle.

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Very nice

I love it

-we love it.

-The only flaw is that the hose doesn't plug securely into our wall plates, which may not be the fault of the hose. We have a SilentMaster vacuum unit, and the wall plates may have come with it, or they may have been the cheapest the house builder could find (like many things we have discovered). My wife is often frustrated that the hose will shift a bit while she is vacuuming, and the power will shut off.
This is our first experience with a central vacuum, so we have no other to compare with, but when the hose stays put, we love it.

-Five Stars

-Great vacuum, can't beat the price and quality

-Works well

-So far this is working perfectly. Seems to have plenty of cleaning power with our central vac.

-Good kit, with some cheap design flaws.

-So far this vacuum kit is pretty good. The hose is nice and sturdy, and I love that you can change it from a pig-tail to a two-prong dongle in about 30 seconds. Nice to have that option! The accessories are pretty basic, and the bag is kinda hokie. I thought it had a light on the powerhead, but there is none.
There are a few things that are extremely annoying about the overall design of this kit. For instance, the little locking feature that locks the METAL telescoping wand to the PLASTIC powerhead. The metal part just bends the plastic connector when you try to turn and swivel the vacuum during vacuuming. Currently I just stop vacuuming and reconnect the two pieces together how they are supposed to fit, and then about 2-3 minutes later I notice that the powerhead is not lined up with the wand. Super annoying and I am yet to figure out a solution to the problem. There are a few little "bad design" issues with the kit, but nothing that is a deal breaker (especially when you compare it for the price). The powerhead is powerful enough, and the hose is long and sturdy.
When I first received my order, I was EXTREMELY disappointed. Everything was dirty and worn! There was dog & human hair on every attachment, and the hose had wires hanging out of the dongle. What?!?!?! The company had accidentally shipped me a returned item (shipping floor made a bad mistake). I contacted Great-Vacs and they said they would send me a replacement unit. Problem is, they sent me only a new hose, nothing else! What?!?!? So I contacted Great-Vacs again and asked them to fix the issue. Great-Vacs then sent me an entire new kit, and I was able to return the dirty used item, as well as the extra hose they had sent me. After all the frustration and ridiculous shipping back and forth, everything worked out. Great-Vacs was decent enough to work with, but they definitely have some issues in their Order Fulfillment Processes.
I'd purchase this kit again, and cross my finger...