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Preventing Mildew in a Rainbow Vacuum

By Dustin Chaffin February 24, 2015 7392 Views No comments
Rainbow vacuums work incredibly well at collecting and trapping dirt and dust. Some vacuums of lesser quality simply push the dirt around a home, while others of better quality are only able to capture a percentage of dirt in their bags. Rainbow models work well by collecting the debris in a water tank.

Disassembling an E-Series Rainbow Vacuum

By Dustin Chaffin May 4, 2011 5688 Views No comments
There are few reasons that you may need to dissemble your Rainbow E-Series vacuum. They include regular maintenance, minor repair and regular basin cleaning. The design of this series allows for relatively simple steps to taking apart the vacuum. The first time you do this, it may be slightly challenging. But, after the first time you have done this, it will be easy to disassemble and reassemble the unit.

How The Rainbow Vacuum Works

By Dustin Chaffin March 29, 2011 9194 Views 1 comments
There are a few different ways to see how a rainbow vacuum works. Household and online demos can help you to visualize exactly how all of the high quality components work together to create the machine.

Rainbow Vacuum Aquamate Carpet Shampooer Difference

By Dustin Chaffin March 10, 2011 3313 Views No comments

The Rainbow vacuum aquamate is a tool that transforms the rainbow into a carpet shampooing cleaner. It is very popular and well reviewed by consumers.