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Using a 2000 Limited Edition Kirby Vacuum

By Dustin Chaffin February 25, 2015 3459 Views No comments
Kirby vacuums are all slightly different to use than regular, ordinary vacuums. The 2000 limited edition has a high tech driving feature that self propels the unit to drive on floors and other surface areas. This can be tricky to use during the first time for those that have only used the push variety of vacuums. But it is quite simple and a convenience factor once you get the hang of it. Here are some step-by-step directions for how to use this specific Kirby:
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Trouble Shooting your Kirby G5 Vacuum

By Dustin Chaffin June 22, 2011 2662 Views No comments
Kirby vacuum owners have purchased a high quality vacuum system in hopes of getting the best quality cleaning and product life value for their hard earned money. Without continued and proper maintenance even top of the line vacuums can lose their amazing cleaning abilities.
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Troubleshooting your Kirby Vacuum

By Dustin Chaffin April 8, 2011 5360 Views No comments
If you have noticed a loud noise, if your Kirby is difficult to push or it is not cleaning well, troubleshoot for a roller problem. Turn your vacuum off and unplug the cord. Push down the adjustment lever and take off the hood. Now you will be able to get to the area that holds the belt. Check the belt for any wear or extreme tear. A stretched out belt can cause these issues as well and they are easy to replace.
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