Preventing Mildew in a Rainbow Vacuum

By Dustin Chaffin February 24, 2015 7393 Views Leave a comment Go to comments
Rainbow vacuums work incredibly well at collecting and trapping dirt and dust. Some vacuums of lesser quality simply push the dirt around a home, while others of better quality are only able to capture a percentage of dirt in their bags. Rainbow models work well by collecting the debris in a water tank.

Many people with allergies, asthma or pets that have owned a vacuum with a water tank, have sworn off ever purchasing a traditional cleaner. The water tank design is beneficial to the health and cleanliness of a home. But, there is a downside to the water tanks if they are not maintained properly. They can produce mildew.

Mildew in a tank usually has a subtle and unpleasant odor that can grow into a strong and terrible smell. To prevent this from occurring, the tank must be cleaned regularly. The tank should be cleaned with a mixture of water and vinegar to rid the unit of any odor.

The tank can also be prone to mildew if it is not used properly. Many owners do not change out the water every time it is used to clean. If water is left in the tank at days at a time it will inevitably begin to create mildew. It doesn’t matter if the water looks clean or dirty, it must be emptied before the unit is stored.

It is relatively simply to prevent mildew in a Rainbow vacuum. A regular wash with vinegar and proper use of the unit will ensure that the vacuum smells clean and fresh. The benefits of trapping debris and dust far outweigh the work it takes to keep the vacuum clean.
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