Central Vacuum Hose that fits any central vacuum

By Dustin Chaffin August 29, 2011 2241 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

As seen in the video above this central vacuum hose from GV can be easily switched out to fit any style of central vacuum cleaner. It comes in 30 or 35 foot lengths and is our best selling and most popular central vacuum hose. It comes with a 3 way switch. On the 3 way switch the first level is EVERYTHING IS OFF. The second level TURNS ON THE CENTRAL VACUUM for full SUCTION POWER ONLY. The third level turns on the central vacuum for full suction power AND TURNS ON THE ELECTRIC POWER NOZZLE for vacuuming carpet. To see this central vacuum hose and other name brand central vacuum hoses and kits see our Central Vacuum Kits and hoses.

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