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Quartz vs. Ceramic Heaters

By Dustin Chaffin March 24, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
Quartz and ceramic heaters are both effective heaters for filling rooms with heat. But, the way they heat the room and the overall effectiveness while heating differs. They are both electric energy heating units.

Ceramic heaters that use convection have several metal coils. These coils are surrounded by a core that is made of a ceramic material. Air around the coils is heated and then it is moved into a space with a fan.

Infrared heaters that are made of quartz work differently than convection heaters. They heat by using an infrared radiation method. This works by the heater radiating heat with waves of energy with high concentration. This creates a quieter heat because a fan is not needed. The heat from a quartz heater is also more directed to an area in the room. This is important in cold corners or basement areas where the unit is being used.

Both of these types of heaters are safe when they are used correctly. New models use better technology to deter a heater from tipping or from becoming too hot. This technology is key to keeping safe when using an electric heating unit. Also, as each model may have specific regulations, the manual for each should be read and understood before using the product.

Quartz heaters are usually more efficient overall than the ceramic heaters. This is due to the type of energy used. The quartz heater with infrared technology does not need a fan and it will heat specific areas that need heat as opposed to an entire room.
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